Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fish au gratin with cheesy prawns and mushy peas

Once again I bought a fresh, Maltese white fish from my nearby fish shop, however this dish can be made with any white fish, frozen or fresh.

The gratin turned our very yummy, and enough for 6 portions. It is very filling since it's a very protein and fat packed dish with both fish, prawns, cheese and eggs, so you won't manage any big portions :)

This is how it's done:

Fresh or defrosted white fish, and a bag of cold water prawns, defrosted.

Put the fish in an oven tray and season with salt, pepper and maybe some fish seasoning.

Time to make the mix to cover the fish in. Full fat greek yoghurt, mayonaisse, shredded cheese, dill, lemon and salt.

Mix everything into a bowl with the prawns and season to taste.

Don't be shy with the cheese. It should be very creamy and thick.

Add the mix on top of the fish in the oven tray.

Pop into the oven. 175-200 degrees for at least 30 minutes.

Start making the mushy peas. Boil green peas until soft, then por out the water and mix the peas into a mash with a blender.

Add ½ dl of cream and stir with salt, herbal salt and maybe some garlic.

Cook until thickened, and until the fish is ready and your eggs are done.


Lunch for a couple of days :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another fishy dream

I love my neighbour fish shop! It's brilliant and helps me cook delicious meals like this one. Recipe to come.

Green curry and prawn stoup

Another stoup has been made and eaten. Very tasty and filling, and good to make if you have veg and other things in the fridge that you need to use before it expires.
This can be made with any type of protein, I usually use chicken or prawns because I think it goes well with the coconut and curry tastes. The curry paste can be exchanged for either yellow or red too, I just happened to have green at home at the time.

Stoup=Something between a soup and a stew. Not thick as a stew, but not thin as a soup.

And this is how you make it, 5-6 portions:

Big chunk of butter in a pot.
Chop onions, spring onions or leek and garlic into small pieces.

Fry the three different onions in the butter with a fish cube.
Add two cans of coconut milk. I also added a couple of deciliters of cream.
For seasoning I used soy sauce, a couple of table spoonsof fish sauce, a couple of table spoons of lemon juice, and 2-3 teaspoons of green curry paste.
In addition I used to ginger powder, and some chili powder.

Don't be shy with the curry paste :)

I also used some 'Gurkmeja' that my mum brought me from Sweden. It doesn't give much flavour, but a very nice yellow colour.

Let the sauce cook and season until you are happy with the flavours. Then it's time to add the protein and the veg!

Use whatever you like. I had two small carrots, sugar snaps, tomatoes, loads of prawns, bean sprouts and onions.

Put everything in and let cook for 10 minutes. Not too long, then you loose the crunch in the veg!


Monday, March 28, 2011

Have you tried?

Have you tried any of my recipes? Or have you maybe tried changing your diet to more fat and less carbs? If you have, please post a comment. I would love to know if anyone has tried my recipes and what you thought about them.

Well oh well,  off to cooking dinner!

LCHF for the whole family

When we were in Italy skiing we all shared a big apartment, and also shared the cooking between us, each 'family' got one night each to cook dinner.

I was pleased to see that my mum and dad have also realised the benefits of LCHF, and lost the fatfright that so many still suffer from, and they cooked a delicious LCHF meal that everyone loved.

Garlic and herb flavoured patties/burgers with olives, fennel au gratin and a creamy sauce. Yum!

I didn't take any pictures of the food I cooked, but for the record; I made toast skagen with a touch of blue cheese, and a rich and creamy fish/shell fish soup. Great success!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Minced meat variations.

One of the easiest, and fastest, things to cook is minced meat. It can be done in so many forms and fashions, but the absolute fastest way is probably to make some sort of sauce/casserole/bolognese. This is a perfect dish for when you don't have much time, but still want to get a proper meal that is healthy, quick, tasty and not stuffed with unnecessary carbohydrates.

Throw in whatever you think is tasty spice-wise, but just remember - don't be shy on the spices and taste every so often. Salt is always needed, and if you use dried herbs, you need a good, few teaspoons to make it taste enough.
Chili powder and pepper always works as well, goes well together with herbs too. :)

Minced beef with italian spices, cheese, a dash of cream and some red wine, served with a salad of onions, tomatoes, mache salad and a vinegraitte of olive oil, salt, herbs, and balsamic vinegar.

A creamy meat sauce with of minced beef, onion, chopped garlic, a bit of tomatoe sauce, cream and pepper, chili and herbs, served bith sugar snaps and fresh bean sprouts fried in butter.

Party platter!

One of our evenings in the alps we enjoyed this nice party platter. It contained some nice italian sausages and cold cuts, baby bel cheese, mozzarella in olive oil and spices and dip. And for those who are not strictly eating LCHF carrot sticks and pieces of a crunchy sour dough local bread.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I'm currently enjoying my vacation in the Italian alps, with very poor to no internet connection, that's why no posting has been done here.
But stay tuned, when I get back home again, I will have plently of new recipes for you.

Take care everyone, I'm off to the slopes again!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pork chops with apple and onion compote...

..and honey glazed vegetables, but I felt like too much to put in the subject line :)

Normally I'm not a huge fan of pork, except for fillet of pork and different types of ham, but I indend to get better at cooking it and therefor start to like it more.
I find it difficult to come up with flavours that go with pork, but there are some that I think really match; Sweet flavours like apple, caramelised onion, honey etc, and more rich flavours like mustard and dijon mustard.

And these flavours are exactly what I used for this dish. Pork chops seasoned with some paprika powder, served on a bed of honey glazed cabbage, with a onion and apple compote, and a mustard and cheese sauce. A lot of flavours, yes, but they go very well together :)

Red and white cabbage fried in a bit of butter until soft.

Drizzle some honey into the cabbage and mix it. I used approxomately a teaspoon of honey, it is well enough to give the whole thing a nice flavour.

Put in an oven tray and place in the oven on 150 degrees whilst cooking the rest.

Compote time! Peel an apple and an onion and chop it up. Some will say, that apples aren't very LCHF-like, but it is such a small amount you're using and it will last for 5 portions maybe, so I think it evens out :)

Put it a pot and cook on medium heat.

To make it prettier, I added ½ carrot chopped into to small, small pieces. It's not needed for the flavour, but it makes it a bit more colourful.

When the apples are soft, it'll take approx 15 minutes, mash everything with a suitable tool.

..and stir.. and taste..

Season you pork chops with salt and paprika.

Fry in butter. Suprise, surprise :)

Serve and enjoy!

I made a nice sauce from spicey cheese, cream, pork stock, mustard, salt, cayenne pepper and a pich of yellow curry powder.