Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Me very happy! Kostdoktorn in English!

Finally! Kostdoktorn, the man behind the book I wrote about before, Matrevolutionen, has finally launched his site in English!

I advise everyone to read it, take the information in and to be brave enough to try it out, despite what you have been brainwashed into believing in the past.

As a reward you will feel a lot better, probably lose a lot of weight, never have to go hungry again and not suffer the high risks of diabetes and other illnesses as you do today.

And women, you will feel a lot better about yourselves and your bodies, because you will only eat until you are full, and you will not have to 'make yourself' stop eating anymore, you will not feel bad about what you have eaten during the day etc.
Believe you me, I have had some anxiety over food in my life, but I don't any more, and it is much thanks to discovering LCHF.

Take a couple of minutes to read this:


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