Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fridge Clean Out Pie

You know when you realise there is a lot of stuff in your fridge on the verge of going bad, but you dont really know what to do with them? -Make a pie! You can just throw everything in there, the more the better almost!

I know what you're thinking now though. Pie? Isn't this a LCHF blog? Pie without flour?

My answer is: Yes, of course you can make pie without flour, you get ALL the good stuff and none of the 'filler', the crust. And yes, it is very yummy!

Where I come from, pies are very much quiche-like with an egg base, and that is perfect for a carb 'free' version, because the eggs will settle and serve as a foundation for the whole thing.

What I did was the following:

 I buttered an over tray with a generous amount of butter (for a change :)). 

Then I used almond flour all over the tray to make a sort of 'breading' for the pie.

It gives a nice taste, and it makes the pie come out of the tray easier as well.

Chop up whatever you have at home that you want to 'get rid of' and throw in the tray.

The only thing that is really essential, is cheese. Without cheese -no pie! I had two different cheeses that I needed to finish.

Mix 4 eggs, and 2-3 dl of cream with salt and pepper, then pour over the pie.

Add the cheese on top, and pop it into the oven. You can tell it's ready when the eggs have settled and are not liquid anymore.


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