Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fish au gratin with cheesy prawns and mushy peas

Once again I bought a fresh, Maltese white fish from my nearby fish shop, however this dish can be made with any white fish, frozen or fresh.

The gratin turned our very yummy, and enough for 6 portions. It is very filling since it's a very protein and fat packed dish with both fish, prawns, cheese and eggs, so you won't manage any big portions :)

This is how it's done:

Fresh or defrosted white fish, and a bag of cold water prawns, defrosted.

Put the fish in an oven tray and season with salt, pepper and maybe some fish seasoning.

Time to make the mix to cover the fish in. Full fat greek yoghurt, mayonaisse, shredded cheese, dill, lemon and salt.

Mix everything into a bowl with the prawns and season to taste.

Don't be shy with the cheese. It should be very creamy and thick.

Add the mix on top of the fish in the oven tray.

Pop into the oven. 175-200 degrees for at least 30 minutes.

Start making the mushy peas. Boil green peas until soft, then por out the water and mix the peas into a mash with a blender.

Add ½ dl of cream and stir with salt, herbal salt and maybe some garlic.

Cook until thickened, and until the fish is ready and your eggs are done.


Lunch for a couple of days :)

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