Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pork chops with apple and onion compote...

..and honey glazed vegetables, but I felt like too much to put in the subject line :)

Normally I'm not a huge fan of pork, except for fillet of pork and different types of ham, but I indend to get better at cooking it and therefor start to like it more.
I find it difficult to come up with flavours that go with pork, but there are some that I think really match; Sweet flavours like apple, caramelised onion, honey etc, and more rich flavours like mustard and dijon mustard.

And these flavours are exactly what I used for this dish. Pork chops seasoned with some paprika powder, served on a bed of honey glazed cabbage, with a onion and apple compote, and a mustard and cheese sauce. A lot of flavours, yes, but they go very well together :)

Red and white cabbage fried in a bit of butter until soft.

Drizzle some honey into the cabbage and mix it. I used approxomately a teaspoon of honey, it is well enough to give the whole thing a nice flavour.

Put in an oven tray and place in the oven on 150 degrees whilst cooking the rest.

Compote time! Peel an apple and an onion and chop it up. Some will say, that apples aren't very LCHF-like, but it is such a small amount you're using and it will last for 5 portions maybe, so I think it evens out :)

Put it a pot and cook on medium heat.

To make it prettier, I added ½ carrot chopped into to small, small pieces. It's not needed for the flavour, but it makes it a bit more colourful.

When the apples are soft, it'll take approx 15 minutes, mash everything with a suitable tool.

..and stir.. and taste..

Season you pork chops with salt and paprika.

Fry in butter. Suprise, surprise :)

Serve and enjoy!

I made a nice sauce from spicey cheese, cream, pork stock, mustard, salt, cayenne pepper and a pich of yellow curry powder.

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