Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Turkey curry Freckles style

I like curry of most sorts, but especially Indian and Thai type ones, and I often make very simplified versions of them myself.
I know I'm not even near making a real Indian curry, but my turkey curry tastes really good, is healthily high in fat and low in carbs, and most importantly; Yummy for the tummy!

Some good tips for making a think, filling curry is to chop the onions into tiny little pieces and let it cook in the sauce for a long time, it then serves as a thickener and makes the whole thing really creamy and thick. Also, I used some mixed lentils in mine, which makes it even thicker.

My attempt to plate it really nicely didn't really work out, but once again; it tasted good :)

So, how is it done?

Start off with getting yourself some turkey breast, greek yoghurt, cream, tomatoes, onions, butter, and whatever you are planning to use as a side. I made 'rice' from cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli fried in butter.

Chop the turkey and the onion into cubes.

And fry in a pan with a big chunk of butter. Oh yeah, two garlic cloves finely chopped were thrown in there as well.

When the meat is a bit browned, it's time to add some spices! Don't be shy on the spices here, it is supposed to be spicey!

A selection of the spices I use when making 'Indian' inspired curries. This paticular time I went with a couple of teaspoons of Tandoori, a few pinches of Paprika, and some Medium yellow curry powder.
And salt of course.

Add spices, a can of crushed tomatoes and lentils, and let it simmer. TASTE, TASTE, TASTE and make changes accordingly, it is the only way to make good food!

Add you new best friend: Cream! 2-3 dl will do here :)
While the curry was simmering, I grated cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage using a normal cheese grater, and slowly fried in a pan with some salt and butter.

Just before serving, add a dl of greek full fat yoghurt to 'cream it up' even more.

I used a small bowl/cup to shape my vegetable mix on the plate. Yes, I admit, it was only for the picture :)

And Enjoy!
Remember to not take/serve too big portions of this, as it is extremely filling. I couldn't even finish the above.

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