Thursday, August 23, 2012

LCHF Malta

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

It happened again....

...this thai beef salad occupies my mind a lot these days. Just had to make it again.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Halloumi wrapped in ham for breakfast

Not much to explain there. Cut pieces of halloumi, wrap in ham (or bacon) and fry in butter in a pan until golden and soft.

I enjoyed this with some cherry tomatoes and coriander, and a bit 
of bearnaise sauce :)

LCHF Smoothie - Perfect breakfast

I had this yesterday morning after a 1,5 hour walk with Penny, our dog. I was exhausted and warm, so a creamy, cold smoothie was perfect.

I simply put this in the blender:

1 dl of frozen raspberries
A dash of cream
½ dl of greek yoghurt
2 table spoons of vanilla yoghurt
1 dl of full fat milk

LCHF Ceasar Salad Freckles style

So, what is a Ceasar salad Freckles style? The salad mix is made out of ruccola salad, pieces of sweet melon, pomme granate, tomatoes and a bit of yellow peppers.
In addition to that, pan fried chicken thigh fillets seasoned in salt, pepper and BBQ seasoning, oven dried parma ham until it goes really crunchy, and to top it off, my interpretation of a ceasar dressing - mayo, lemon, garlic and dijon mustard! I don't really care for the taste of anchovies so I skip that totally.

All in all, this salad definitely goes in to the favourites for this summer. Filling, yummy and very LCHF! Try it out!

Dry the parma ham until crunchy on an oven tray with olive oil on 150 degrees.

Trim the chicken thigh fillets and seasoned as you wish.

Chop the sweet melon into pieces.

Take the pips out of half a pomme granate.

Chop a quarter of a pepper and two tomatoes.

Mix everything in a bowl with sea salt, olive oil and a bit of vinegar.

Fry the chicken in butter in a pan, and take the parma ham out of the oven and plate the lovely salad.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Stuffed mini peppers LCHF style

These stuffed peppers I actually made as a starter for dinner, just because they were so cute, but you could easily have this as a main, I even had it for breakfast the other day. 3 small peppers were perfect for a breakfast!

It is actually a very simple recipe, you basically stuff the peppers with whatever suits your pallet. I fried up some minced beef in butter (of course!), seasoned it generously with salt, pepper, cayenne, garlic, cumin and some paprika. I also added a dash of cream and some hot salsa.

Before adding the mince into the halfed peppers, I added some philadelphia cheese. On top I sprinkled some mozarella cheese and very finely chopped yellow pepper and tomatoe. Then in the oven it goes, for about 5 minutes or until the cheese is melted and yummy!

Too much breakfast!

Yeah, let's just say I overdid it this weekend. Way too much breakfast on that plate! It was more lunch a brunch actually. Even tho I left some, I still ate way too much.
At least I stayed full until a late dinner!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer salads!

I can't get enough of these salads. I'm obsessed with both this one with parma ham and nectarines, and the thai beef salad. They are both really filling, and tastes lovely, and it's perfect for the summer when it's so warm!

I love weekends!

Because you have time to eat a nice, long breakfast,  amongst other things!

Eggs scrambled with cream and cheese, crunchy bacon and beans. I was full until 5 o'clock today!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pizza flavoured egg wrap

A very simple snack/lunch/breakfast/picnic food to make is an egg wrap. It is basically like any other wrap that you can fill with what you like, the only differnce is that it is not bread. It is more like a very thin omelette that you wrap around the goodies. Just keep in mind, this is much more filling than a wrap made from bread, as the 'wrap' itself consists of two eggs, a bit of cheese and some cream!

Inspired by Monique's egg wraps, but with a pizza flavoured filling.

These are very good cold as well. Easy to wrap up in some foil and bring to work or wherever you are going where you might need a filling snack.

For the wrap/omelette I used whipped up two eggs with a dash of cream, salt, pepper, and some herbs like oregano and basil.
Also, I added a couple of table spoons of grated cheese, parmesan type, to get that pizza flavour going.

The rest is simple, just mix it up, add a bit of butter in a pan and fry slooowly on medium heat on both sides.

When the omelette is done, put it on a tissue to dry up a bit.

Spread tomatoe paste on the whole thing.

Add cooked ham, or smoked if you prefer that.

And cheese.

And then it's time to wrap it up!

Eggs again! :)

A classis scrambled egg and bacon breakfast. But with some coriander this time. Simply because I am now obsessed with the taste of coriander! :)

The eggs are of course scrambled with a bit of butter and a bit of cream. What else? :)

Amazing Thai Beef Salad

and I can tell you this much, I have been thinking about this salad daily since we ate it last week, and I will have to make it again very soon.
This idea, like many others I get, spawned from a thai beef salad I had at Zest here in Malta not so long ago. I thought it tasted amazing, so I tried to recreate it.
The key things to make this good, and to get that thai flavour is fresh coriander, fish sauce, fresh chili and fresh ginger.
And of course a good meet. I used fillet of beef, not very cheap but oh so yummy!

Start off with marinating the meet for a bit. I sliced my fillet thinly and marinated in the juice of one lime, 2 table spoons of fish sauce and two table spoons of soy sauce.

The meet should not be overly seasoned, as it tasted really good just as it is, lightly fried in a pan. And also, the real hero of this dish is the dressing, which has a lot of flavours.

For the dressing; Ginger, lime, olive oil, red chili, soy sauce, fish sauce and fresh coriander.

Chop the chili fruit finely. I took out the seeds, and it was still very spicy, so I recommend doing that.

Peel and grate your ginger root and add into a bowl together with the chili and the juice of one lime fruit.

Chop half a bunch of fresh coriander and add into the dressing. Also add 3 table spoons of fish sauce and 3 table spoons of soy sauce. Taste and add more fish sauce, soy sauce and lime if needed.

The vegatables I used was spring onions, more coriander, orange bell pepper, carrot and some sort of lettuce that I can't remember the name of, but it was very crunchy and nice. See picture.

Oh yeah, I also used baby tomatoes.

When you have chopped and mixed your salad, it is time to fry the meat. A little bit of butter in the pan, high heat. When the butter has stopped bubbling, add in the meat and fry for a minute or so.
You don't want to fry this nice meat dry so do not overcook it.

Last but not least - Enjoy.

And yeah. try not to think about this salad everyday after you had it, like it do. As a matter of fact, I think I have to make it tomorrow again! :)