Sunday, August 7, 2011

LCHF Ceasar Salad Freckles style

So, what is a Ceasar salad Freckles style? The salad mix is made out of ruccola salad, pieces of sweet melon, pomme granate, tomatoes and a bit of yellow peppers.
In addition to that, pan fried chicken thigh fillets seasoned in salt, pepper and BBQ seasoning, oven dried parma ham until it goes really crunchy, and to top it off, my interpretation of a ceasar dressing - mayo, lemon, garlic and dijon mustard! I don't really care for the taste of anchovies so I skip that totally.

All in all, this salad definitely goes in to the favourites for this summer. Filling, yummy and very LCHF! Try it out!

Dry the parma ham until crunchy on an oven tray with olive oil on 150 degrees.

Trim the chicken thigh fillets and seasoned as you wish.

Chop the sweet melon into pieces.

Take the pips out of half a pomme granate.

Chop a quarter of a pepper and two tomatoes.

Mix everything in a bowl with sea salt, olive oil and a bit of vinegar.

Fry the chicken in butter in a pan, and take the parma ham out of the oven and plate the lovely salad.

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