Sunday, March 27, 2011

Minced meat variations.

One of the easiest, and fastest, things to cook is minced meat. It can be done in so many forms and fashions, but the absolute fastest way is probably to make some sort of sauce/casserole/bolognese. This is a perfect dish for when you don't have much time, but still want to get a proper meal that is healthy, quick, tasty and not stuffed with unnecessary carbohydrates.

Throw in whatever you think is tasty spice-wise, but just remember - don't be shy on the spices and taste every so often. Salt is always needed, and if you use dried herbs, you need a good, few teaspoons to make it taste enough.
Chili powder and pepper always works as well, goes well together with herbs too. :)

Minced beef with italian spices, cheese, a dash of cream and some red wine, served with a salad of onions, tomatoes, mache salad and a vinegraitte of olive oil, salt, herbs, and balsamic vinegar.

A creamy meat sauce with of minced beef, onion, chopped garlic, a bit of tomatoe sauce, cream and pepper, chili and herbs, served bith sugar snaps and fresh bean sprouts fried in butter.

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