Monday, March 14, 2011

"Even you BF can make it"-chicken

If you haven't tried roasting things in the oven using a cooking bag - do it! It is a brilliant way to oven roast things, especially if it is something big, like a whole chicken, but even if it is, like I used last time, only chicken drum sticks.
It keeps all the flavours in the bag and makes the meat really juicy, but still gives it a nice crunch!

What I did was that I gave my boyfriend instuctions to put a bunch of fresh chicken drumsticks in a cooking bag, together with an onion cut in four pieces, two garlic cloves, some soy sauce, chicken stock, olive oil and spices like chili, paprika, garlic etc.

Then I went for an hours power walk and when I came back, the chicken was good to go. Pop it in the oven and check if the juices are clear after 30 minutes in 175 degrees.

We had this yummy chicken with home made guacamole, fava beans creamed in Philadelphia cheese and a simple salad.

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