Monday, March 7, 2011

LCHF - diet or lifestyle?

I say definitely lifestyle! Sure, for people that want to loose a lot of weight it is the perfect diet because you will loose it quick and it will be fairly easy since you will never have to go hungry, but the biggest difference between this and any other weightloss diet is that most people, after loosing the excess weight, will choose to stick to this way of eating, and will never consider going back to their fat frightened life of light products and cravings that they had before.
Why would they really? When you can eat good, tasty, real food, loose weight, and never be hungry again.

The examples are countless, examples of people that have struggled for their whole life with their weight, trying all sorts of diets, shakes, bars, pineapple diets, egg diets, eating nothing at all diets and variatons of eating basically a little as possible, and as little fat as possible, but quite often generously with carbs.
Most of these people would be women, because we are obsessed with being slim and stupid enough to try almost anything to get there. And we have been programmed to believe that being healthy should be an absolute struggle.
But does it really make sense that it should be impossible to get there without almost dying? I don't think so.

Most women, yes, but not all. Like this man, he has a very inspiring story. He was at 138 kilos in a very bad state and place in life, and had tried to follow all the official dietry advise he was given by different institutions, but only gotten bigger and sicker.
Finally he decided to give up completely, since nothing worked he figured he might as well eat himself to death. So he did the complete opposite of what doctors and society had always told him and started eating 'only the good stuff' like steak with creamy sauces, bacon and eggs, cheeses etc, and scrapped the fillers such as pasta, potatoes and bread. And, as a result of this change of diet, he lost 65 kilos and is now completely healthy, and also one of Swedens biggest advocates for LCHF.

Another example is Monique, an extremely inspiring woman who used to be the text book example of a yo-yo dieter, but has changed her life completely, lost 40 kgs and is now working as an aerobic intructor and health coach spreading the word of LCHF. Her blog comes in English as well.
She was recently on TV in the Swedish version of 'Come dine with me', and hopefully inspired a lot of people with her cooking and way of life.

But weight loss in only one part of it. Other benefits are not to be forgotten, like decreased migraines, never having cravings again, stable blood sugar, almost impossible to overeat (a big, very important part if you, as me, have suffered from eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia in your life), improvements to most types of stomache problems etc. The list can be made very long.

Sweden has come very far when it comes to realising what is actually healthy to eat, and that the dietry advised of the 1980's are not necessary what is true. That sugar and flour is what is bad for us and makes us sick and overweight, not fat.
I just hope that other countries 'catch on' soon.


  1. Sounds like the Paleo diet freckles! :)


    exclude: potato, grains, gluten, starch, pasta, rice etc.


  2. Almost, Sid! :) But more natural fats like butter, cream and fats from meat. I think Paleo still promotes 'lean' meat etc.
    But it's still very similar :)