Thursday, July 7, 2011

Quick LCHF Pytt-i-panna

Yesterday we didn't have much time to spend on cooking, and a lot of scraps and leftovers in the fridge.-Perfect for a pytt-i-panna! And that is what the word really means, you chop, fry up and mix whatever you have at home in a pan, and then it's done! It comes even better if you cream it! :)

Read more about pytt-i-panna here, from when I made a more luxurious version with really nice meats. This one was more a pytt-i-panna in the meaning of the word :)

The one we had yesterday contained of:

* Two mini sausages
* ½ packet of bacon
* 1 small onion
*Chicken that I brought home from a restaurant in a doggy bag :)
* Pumpkin

All chopped and fried in butter, then 1 dl of cream added to it, and served with fried eggs. It filled the two of us up and kept us going for football games and gigs the whole night! :)

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