Thursday, May 5, 2011

LCHF Pytt-i-panna

Pytt-i-panna is a classic Swedish dish that contains of small cubes of whatever you have at home at the time. However, the traditional way of making it and the way it is made if you buy it ready made is meat cubes, beef, pork or both, sausage cubes and/or ham or some other smoked meat, onion and potatoes, all cut into small, small pieces and fried in butter.
When everything is fried and mixed, the dish can be served as it is or creamed with fresh cream. Pickled beet roots are also commonly served with pytt-i-panna.

For my version with less carbs I used:

Fillet of beef
Minced beef
Fillet of pork
Some carrots
A Parsnip

Loads of butter, and cream if you want to cream it.

The actual cooking is simple, but a bit time consuming. You basically cut everything into tiny little cubes and fry them separately in butter, then mix it in an oven tray.

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