Monday, May 30, 2011

Chicken breast stuffed with a mediterranean touch

A new take on chicken fillets, a quite succesful one as well. Chicken fillet are very easy to over- or undercook. I think it is very overrated as a meat, and that other parts of the chicken usually are much more juicy and has more flavour.
I used the breast fillets mainly for casseroles, stews, curries and as in this case, stuffed or wrapped with some goodies!

Anyways, I think this was tasty and would make it again. This is how you make it:

You need a double chicken breast, or more if you are cooking for more than two people. These were huge and it was enough for three people.

I served this with boiled broccoli, and the stuffing was made from mozzarella, tomato, garlic, fresh basil and greek yoghurt.

Start by trimming the chicken fillets. Separate them and open them up in half, allowing you to put the stuffing inside.

Fry the salted and peppered chicken fillets in a lot of butter on high heat, but only to get a nice browning on the outside. The rest will cook in the over. Now is also a good time to turn the oven on 200 degrees :)

Time to make the stuffing! One mozzarella ball, 1 clove of garlic, two small tomatoes, and fresh basil, all chopped up in to small pieces is to be mixed with a can of full fat greek yoghurt.

When the mix is done it's time to stuff the chicken breast. Put a generous amount of mix in each 'pocket' and put them in an oven tray.

Try to keep them standing up so that the mix stays in place even in the oven.

Put the tray in the oven for about 20 minutes, I recommend cutting and checking if the chicken is done as the time varies depending on the size of the chicken.

Serve with broccoli with a big chunk of butter and some sea salt on top.

Yummy for the tummy!

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