Monday, May 30, 2011

Easy schmeasy tomato soup!

I dont' have any great pictures for this recipe, and not many pictured for that matter either. But, it is so easy to make so I think it'll be fine anyways.

A great tip for a bit of a spicy soup like this, is to serve marinated mozzarella pieces with it. Very easy to make and super tasty.

Chop one mozzarella ball into smaller pieces and put in a small bowl. Season with herbs, such as basil, sea salt and olive oil and let it sit while you make the soup.

The soup itself is made like this:

1 onion
1 garlic clove 

Chop into tiny pieces and fry in butter and olive oil with salt and pepper until soft. When soft mix until smooth with a stick blender. Add a big can of canned tomatoes, passata and not crushed, and a couple of deciliters of cream.
Season with chili, paprika, more salt and herbs until you are happy with the taste. However a do recommend a couple of table spoons of herbs and a few pinches of salt and chili for a succesful result.

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