Monday, May 30, 2011

Benefits of LCHF

I know that many people are in doubt, thinking that LCHF probably is some sort of fashion extreme diet. Hopefully more and more people will give it a proper shot and realise the benefits of eating this way, and thining of it more as a way of life, than a weightloss diet.

I first tried LCHF because of my very bad migraines that I had at least once a month, in attacks of three days. It started as an experiment to see if this type of diet could really affect something that I had been suffering from my whole life.
And guess what? It definitely did. So much that I will never go back to eating the way I did before. Before I used to consume at least one box of Imigran of 6 tables/month. In the last year I have consumed two of those boxes.

In addition to this I have not had a cold, or any other illnesses, in almost two years, compared to at least a cold twice a year in the past, and I never, ever have any problems with my stomache, I sleep much better and have no problems waking up in the morning and I have no cravings.

At least to me it is very simple, this is the way we are supposed to eat -fresh, natural food such as fish, meat and eggs, and some vegetables and natual fat, all with as little as possible un-natural stuff added to it, and with nothing taken away from it!

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