Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Yoghurt, berries and nuts for breakkie

Myself I love to eat eggs for breakfast. It keep me full for a long time and can be made loads of different ways.
But, when I need some variation, this is one of my other favourites. It also works as a dessert :)

Greek yoghurt mixed with a dash of cream. Some half frozen berries of your preference, and nuts and seeds. I used sun flower seeds, almost and walnuts!



  1. Hello,

    I really like your blog and recipes. I try to eat LCHF but I`m only in the beginning so your recipes are a very good inspiration source for me.
    I have a question - I have a question - I have a recipe site in Bulgaria and I really would like to use your recipes there. Of course I will write that you are the author and we can do a special watermark on your photos, if you agree and if you permit me to use them.
    Please contact me on my mail - rjekova in gmail.com

    Regards from sofia and sorry for my bad English


  2. Hi!

    Thank you so much, that makes me very happy.

    I will send you an email right now! :)


  3. YUM BERRIES blueberries are my fave and love to eat some every morning in a kefir smoothie but only about 10 berries lol got a long way to go for weight loss but one day, I will eat something like that in maintenance, guaranteed promise!! Freckles do you know of any other English LCHF blogs with recipes? So far I know of yours and LifeZones both having tasty recipes but if you know more English ones, please share :)

  4. Cat, unfortunately I haven't managed to find that many. That's part of the reason I started this one :)
    But they are out there somewhere, you can find a lot of good tips here actually;