Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Meatball frenzy no 2 - Swedish meatballs

Swedish meatballs are, clearly, the best meatballs in the world! :) That's probably not true to the majority of the population, but for me and a lot of other Swedes there is nothing better than meatballs cooked the Swedish way, enjoy the traditional way with mash, cream sauce and lingonberry jam.

The meatballs have to be small and round, and seasoned with mustard and all spice, then they will get that traditional flavour, just like my grandma used to make them.

Now, since I obviously want to make this dish low carb, I can't go for mashed potaotes, so I made cauliflower mash instead. Really yummy and creamy. And as for the jam, you just can't take that away :) Have a little less is a better option I think.

For the meatball mix:

Minced beef, onion, mustard, tomato paste, cream, salt and all spice. And two eggs! :)

Mix everything and let settle.

Boil cauliflower slowly in salted water.

Roll small, small meatballs. This is the time consuming part. Make sure the meat is properly seasoned now, maybe by tasting it or test trying a bit before, if raw meat freaks you out.

Fry the meatballs in a lot butter in batches, not all at once as they won't get a nice browning then.
Blend the cauliflower with a stick blender when it's soft enough, and add some butter, 2-3 table spoons of creme fraishe and salt until you are happy with the taste.
Let it thicken in the pot while frying all the meatballs.


Sauce is extremely important in the Swedish cuisine. This classic sauce is simply made from cream, beef stock, some salt and a dash of soy sauce.


  1. *drool* everything looks so yummy, loving all the food posts and recipes you are posting!! We eat a lot of minced beef in our house because it's very cost efficient (cheap lol) so new recipes are always welcome! I'll give those traditional Swedish meatballs a go with the mustard and all-spice in the stock&cream sauce, sounds just delicious!! And Freckles your freckles are so cute! :) Question, looking at your photos you don't have some extra weight to lose, did you lose it with LCHF or come to the lifestyle for other reasons (health, it's just damned tasty etc) Hope you're having a good friday!!

  2. Thank you so much, I'm so glad you like the recipes. Let me know if you try any of them! :)

    Yep, I did't pick the name Freckles for nothing :)

    I actually think that everyone should eat this way, regardless of if you have weight to loose or not, everyone will feel better from eating natural foods.

    The most obvious benefits for me since I started has been; No migraines anymore, I use to suffer from really, really mad migraines every month.
    Also, overeating is very difficult to do when you eat LCHF. I've had a lot of problems with eating disordes in my youth, bulimia one of them, and I find that this type of food doesn't trigger those feelings and the anxiety that I felt before.
    All in all, I just feel better eating this way, and I believe that it is good for so many reasons and I hope that more people will 'discover' it.

    And also, it's delicious!!

  3. Thank you for sharing your story! It's so true how calm and balanced it makes us feel (from the anxiety perspective) hurray for no more migraines too, there is just LCHF goodness all round :)