Tuesday, July 5, 2011

LCHF BBQ - Chicken, Halloumi and Coleslaw

For these warm (super warm here in Malta!) summer days it's always nice with a good old BBQ, easy, heathy and quick to make, and the variations are many.

This time we went for marinated chicken, a nice coleslaw with lots of mayo, and a fruity salad with a hint of lemon balm.
Of course me and my sister indulged this with a lot of bearnaise sause (very popular sauce in Sweden, and often an excellent LCHF choice), while my Irish fiancee went for a Guinness sauce. Shocking huh? :)

Start of with cutting the fresh or defrosten chicken fillets into pieces of your liking.

Make a marinade from oil (I had a special BBQ oil that is already seasoned, but this is definitely not needed,it's super easy to make your own marinade).
I added some finely copped garlic and lemon juice as well. Always try to add something acidy when you make a marinade, like lemon, wine or vinegar, as it really tenders the meat.

Put the meat in a plastic bag and add the marinade, and let rest for an hour or more. The longer the better really.

For the fruity salad I used:
Lemon balm (a lemon tasting herb)
Yellow pepper
Cocktail tomatoes
Mache salad

Olive Oil
White vinegar
Sea salt

Halloumi cheese with some olive oil and black pepper is being grilled.

Finished! Coleslaw as per previous recipe, halloumi, marinated chicken and some fruity and lemony salad! Yum!

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