Thursday, July 7, 2011

Salmon with creamy sides

I just love creamed spinach, I think it is the best thing to have with fish! In addition to being tasty, it also looks good and the cream will really fill you up!

We also had some creamed corn with this, so gooood! Now, sweet corn is not exactly LCHF food, as it is fairly high in carbs, and creamed corn made the traditional way(with sugar) definitely isn't, but made without sugar I think it is an ok extra with your meat or fish as you don't eat that much of it. If it doesn't trigger any sweet cravings for you it's not a problem! :)

I made my creamed corn by blending half the corns until smooth, adding salt, pepper and a bit of garlic salt, the rest of the corn and cream, and just cook in a pot until it has thickened.
The creamed spinach is just as simple - take frozen spinach, add cream, salt and pepper and simmer until thickened.

I think this dish looks nice, and it tasted even nicer!

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