Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Skagenröra Freckle's style

One of my favourite Swedish things to eat is Skagenröra. This is a shrimp mix with dill, sour cream/mayonaisse that is usual eaten with a butter fried piece of toast bread. But if you, like me, want to go LCHF on it, eat it as it is or in an avocado! Yummy.

My boyfriend had it on Finn crisp crackers, which are fairly ok if you're trying not to eat so much carbs, and with our ever so loved sugar snaps.

The key ingredient here is Philadelphia cheese, it does the trick!

How to make it:

1 bag of frozen cold water prawns, chop half and leave half of them whole
1 onion chopped into small, small pieces
1 can of creme fraiche
1 box of Philadelphia cheese

A dash of lemon
2 table spoons of red or black roe
2-3 table spoons of dried dill (even better with fresh of course)

Mix everything and let settle a bit before indulging!

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