Monday, April 11, 2011

Chicken in a bag, with homemade salsa!

Best way to roast a chicken - in a bag! Roasting bags can be found in any supermarket and can be used for any types of roasts.
This dish was super easy to make and we enjoyed it with a type of salsa that I got to use some of the kilos upon kilos of veg I bought at the market a couple of days before to make.

And a little salad on the side.

This is how you make it, this was enough for 3 portions, plus lunch boxes. Brilliant!

For the actual roasting of the chicken: One whole chicken, a roasting bag, an onion, a couple of carrots.

And yes, garlic as well. Chop everything into chunks, not too small pieces.

Make a marinade. I used olive oil, tarragon flavoured vinegar, salt, pepper, garlic salt, paprika and some herbs.

And soy sauce!

Put everthing in the bad, and add the onions and carrots as well.

Put the chicken in an oven tray, and pop in the oven for 1½ hour on 175 degrees.

Time to start making the salsa!
I used one onion,  half of those baby tomatoes and a succini.

Chop everything up and fry in a pot with butter, olive oil and a veggie cube.
Add a dash of balsamico, and spices. Chili, garlic and paprika will work well.

Cook until thickened, and taste a lot! Add more flavour if needed.

When the chicken in ready, take it out of the bag and take the meat off the bones. When you cook it in a bag like this, it goes so tender that the meat falls off the bones.


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