Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Golden fish fillets with bacon sprinkle on a bed of spinach

A new take on my beloved white fresh fish fillets. This time coloured bright ewith a crunchy bacon sprinkle and served on a 'bed' of a spinache cream/soup. Very nice flavours that went very well together. If you like fish, bacon and spinach, you will love this!

How to make this lovely dish:

What you need is fish fillets, I used pangasius, a packet of bacon, I used back bacon as I think this is the best tasting type, frozen spinach, onion, butter, and cream.
Start by chopping an onion into small pieces and put that into a pot with the frozen spinach together with a veggie cube and a couple of deciliters of cream and salt.

Chop the bacon into small pieces and put in a pan on low heat. You want them to cook for a long time and get really crunchy.

When the spinach and onions have gone soft, its time to blend it! Mix until soft and add more cream and salt if you find it needed. 

Season your fish fillets with salt, pepper and if you have, gurkmeja. It mainly gives a nice colour to the dish, but doesnt taste that much.

Fry the fish fillets in butter in a pan, and the bacon until crunchy, and boil your spinach mix down to the consistency that you'd like it to be.

Enjoy a beautiful and yummy dish!

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