Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spicy chicken and veg stoup

A love myself a good stoup, which is what I call a dish you can't label either a soup or a stew, it's kind of a mix in between the two. The trick that makes this, and any soup, really good is the handful of mixed (in a blender) sweet corn that is then mixed into the stoup.
This one got a bit of a thai flavour to it because of the ginger, chili and coconut milk.

Spicy chicken and veg stoup, 6 portions.

2 fresh chicken breast filets
1 onion
1 small can of sweet corn
1 carrot
1 quarter of a cauliflower head
1 quarter of a broccoli head
1 can of beansprouts, fresh ones instead of you have
1 can of coconut milk, not light
3 dl of fresh cream
Butter, real not margarine

Spices; Chicken stock, salt, pepper, garlic salt, chopped garlic, cayenne pepper and lots of ginger.

Chop the chicken and the onion into small pieces and fry in a big pot with a BIG chunk of butter. Season the mix generously with garlic, chicken stock, cayenne and ginger. We're talking maybe a table spoon of ginger here. If you are using fresh ginger it is of course a lot better but I didn't have any at home, so powder had to do.

When the chicken is cooked and infused with the spices you can pour over the coconut milk and the cream and let it simmer.
Put half the can of sweet corn into your blender, or use a stickblender, and mix it into a smooth paste. Put this in the pot.

Cut the carrot into small, small pieces as well as the cauliflower and the broccoli. Taste and make sure you are happy with the taste, if not add more salt, cayenne and ginger. Then put all the veg into the pot, and cook for 5-10 minutes.

Very filling and very good, and kind of cheap as well for so many portions!

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