Thursday, February 24, 2011

Eat more fat!

So, what is this low carb high fat thing all about? It's about eating natural foods, foods that people, and most other animals for that matter, are supposed to eat. Food we have been eating for millions of years, before the thousands of years we have been eating and even growing grains, corn and cereal and before we could make flour and sugar etc.
I am talking about meat, fish, chicken, vegetables and natural fat like butter, cream, olive oils and coconut oil and butter. No artificial shit like margarine and light products that are stuffed with things we really should not be eating. 
I dont think you even want to know how margarine is made. I might tell you here one day, but I promise you, you won't like it.
But think about it, if you have a product that normally contains, let's say 30% fat, and it has been made into a light version with maybe 5% fat, a lot of the natural things have been taken out right? And what's even more scary, a lot of things must have been added.
In a lot of cases, what has been added is sugar and artificial flavour enhancers, and other things that are really not good for our bodies.

I believe we have been mislead for all our lives into believing that fat is what makes us unhealthly, fat and sick, when in fact in sugar and flour that are the real bad guys.
I think that if all people started eating less carbohydrates in the form of white flour and sugar, and more natural foods like animal fats, meat and fish, humans in general would become much, much healthier. We would decrease overweight, obesity,diabetes and a lot of other issues we have today, and still be able to enjoy fresh, natural, good tasting food!

How can people not see the pattern?

We have become so much unhealther and sicker since flour and sugar and other foods rich in carbohydrates were introduced to our lives, and so to the extremes since the advise of fat being bad and dangerous to eat was first introduced. Coincidence?

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